Our Products

POC provides a range of products catering to various needs of our partner buyers. Our products range from raw cotton to final garments made of either POC (cotton-in-transition) or organic cotton that has completed the POC program. to tell us about your organic cotton needs and get further information on our products and services.

Raw Cotton

Indian cotton is soft, silky, and shiny. Of the variety of lengths from desi to extra long staple, we provide Shanker 6 and MECH which belong to the long staple category.

Cotton Yarn

Most varieties of yarn can be spun by the latest spinning machines in India:

  • Open-end, Combed, Compact, Siro, and Doubling yarn
  • Gassed, High-twisted, Melange and Dyed-yarn
  • T/C Polyester mixing yarn

The main range of yarn count of our offerings are Ne10s~Ne60s.

Clothing Fabric and OEM Products

We provide knitted and woven fabric. We also offer OEM products ranging from towels to t-shirts, knitted wear, and bedding products.


"everloom" is a premium textile brand made of organic cotton that has completed the POC program and is designed and crafted by Japanese artisans. The everloom brand provides made in Japan high quality organic cotton in yarn, fabric, and finished garment. Click here for further information on everloom.