The Pre Organic Cotton program was started by two Japanese companies that share a common passion for developing sustainable apparel businesses - Itochu and kurkku


    Itochu is one of the largest Japanese trading companies with 125 offices in 67 countries. Itochu Textile Company, one of Itochu's business units, is a leader in the textile business with the No.1 largest textile trading volume in Japan. Its textile business ranges from raw material management to branding and marketing of finished products mainly in Japan and in Asia. Itochu's breadth of knowledge and network in the textile industry is one of the core strengths of POC program's organic cotton supply chain solutions.

  • kurkku

    kurkku is a Japanese company focusing on promoting sustainable lifestyle through providing unique eco-friendly products and services. Its projects include growing cotton in the Tohoku region to support reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and developing textile brands made of POC and organic cotton. kurkku has a track record and passion towards promoting sustainability and has been a leader in raising awareness of responsible buying among Japanese consumers.