Our Approach

For Buyers

Brands, Retailers, and Manufacturers

We are committed to supporting the long-term success of our partner buyers' organic cotton businesses :

  • based on our partner buyers' long-term organic cotton merchandising strategy and sourcing needs, we coordinate directly with farmers and producer groups to strategically plan and produce organic cotton to match demand with supply
  • we provide a range of organic and/or cotton-in-transition products and services catered to different product and delivery needs around the world
  • we make sure that all our cotton farming adhere to NPOP rules (organic farming standards in India) and are verified and certified by a third party certification organization Ecocert
  • we have a physical traceability system in place that ensures that our organic cotton is supplied from seed to end consumers without any interference from regular cotton
  • with global supply chain expertise we manage the entire organic cotton supply chain and maximize economic efficiency of our partner buyers' sourcing processes

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For Producers

Farmers and Producer Organizations

In order to grow organic cotton production volume and to make an enduring sustainable impact, we take these steps collaborating with producer organizations:

  1. ITOCHU identifies local producer organizations, operating organic cotton production in line with Indian organic standard called NPOP. Organic standards do not allow anyone to use genetically modified seed, chemical fertilizers and pesticide at any level of farming including transition period.
  2. ITOCHU purchases cotton-in-transition from identified producer organizations in India.
  3. Traceability to farmers as producers will be ensured with cooperation of producer organizations.

All the above need to be provided together to address key challenges and enhance integrity of the organic cotton supply chain. To find out more on the challenges the organic cotton sector faces today and how POC provides solutions, click here.