Overview & Mission


Pre Organic Cotton (POC) is not "organic cotton." It is cotton cultivated in transition period to become organic certified cotton. POC acts as a mediator between conventional cotton and organic cotton.

Cotton farmers will face severe issue when they start organic farming, such as:

  • Reduction of yield with malnutrition and damage by insects.
  • Lack of knowledge in organic farming method
  • Lack of knowledge in organic certification system
  • Lack of access to non-genetically modified cotton seeds

To overcome the difficulties, Pre Organic Cotton Program supports cotton farmers to shift to organic cotton farmers, through purchase and trade of transitional cotton.

As cotton producers shift to organic farmers, they will be free from health damage, soil contamination, and debt. Debt to buy agrochemicals can be huge burden for unprivileged farmers, and it is one of the biggest local issues.

POC Program will focus on purchase of cotton in transit to organic, which will help more famers start organic farming.


Our mission is to grow the organic cotton market by supporting successful organic cotton businesses across the supply chain.
We have three bottom lines in achieving this mission: environmental, health, and commercial success.

  • By increasing organic cotton farming we promote biodiversity conservation, recover soil quality, and prevent water contamination
  • By supporting farmers' transition from conventional to organic cotton farming we help improve their health and living standards
  • By growing organic cotton production and matching demand with supply we provide retailers and brands with access to resources essential to grow as sustainable businesses

All these bottom lines provide end consumers with the opportunity to take part in the positive experience.
By growing organic cotton businesses we strive to maximize our triple bottom lines and spread the positive impact for everything and everyone involved.